Allahabad High Court bans photography at Kumbh bathing area

The Allahabad High Court banned photography within 100m of Kumbh bathing area and publishing of such video footage or photos. It was also warned by the Allahabad High Court that violation of the directive is going to call for legal action.

The counsel representing the Kumbh Mela administration has been directed by the Allahabad High Court for relaying the directive to the authorities, so the media houses and media persons are informed accordingly. This directive comes during the hearing on a writ that was filed by a high court lawyer Aseem Kumar Rai.

The lawyer moved the petition with a request to the court for restraining media houses and media persons from clicking photographs of devotees bathing and publishing or telecasting them. The Allahabad High court also took cognizance of the kumbh bathing scenes published by Hindi daily and took everything on record.

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