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Congress assures to scrap Triple Talaq Bill if it comes to power

In a bid to woo the minority voters, the Congress party has been showering incessant love on the minority community ahead of Lok Sabha polls. In a significant announcement, Sushmita Dev, the president of Mahila Congress said that Congress would abolish the Triple Talaq law if it was voted to power in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking at the AICC minorities convention, she said the focus of the Triple Talaq Bill was not to empower Muslim women but to penalize Muslim men.

“I promise that the Congress party will come to power in 2019 and will scrap the Triple Talaq law. The law is just another weapon of the Modi government to arrest and harass Muslim men and put them in prison,” Sushmita Dev said.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in the Winter Session of Parliament last year but has faced roadblocks in the Rajya Sabha. The Opposition has demanded that the bill be sent to a select committee.

In January, the government re-promulgated the ordinance banning the practice of instant triple talaq, which attracts a jail term of three years for the husband. While the ordinance makes it a “non-bailable” offence, an accused can approach a magistrate even before trial to seek bail.

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