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Harish Rao forced to quit Siddipet seat?

What was tacit all this while is now explicit. With KTR’s elevation as the party working president, the process of succession in the TRS is now consummated. Now that it is formal, speculations are rife over the political future of KCR’s nephew and Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao.

Strengthening the speculations further, a latest social media post by Harish Rao’s cousin and Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Regulapati Ramya Rao has given a clear indication that Harish Rao would resign as an MLA and contest as an MP.

The post by Ramya Rao said: “There will be by-elections to Siddipet assembly seat in another four months. Taneeru Sreenitha (wife of Harish Rao) will be contesting as an MLA.”

However, given his abilities, nothing can marginalize Harish Rao in TRS as long as he reconciles to the reality and decides to work under KTR. Secondly, he can also move into national politics to assist KCR. But KCR’s daughter is already in Parliament and is known for being articulate in English and Hindi, which is a key qualification in national politics.

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