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Modi is a betrayer, not a ‘chowkidaar’: Chandrababu Naidu

Amidst the war of words escalating between TDP, and BJP, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has now come up with an innovative idea to hit back at Modi, who took a scathing attack on him while addressing the gathering in Guntur.

Chandrababu, who never dug into Modi’s personal past, has now targeted his personal life as well. He said that Modi doesn’t have any value for the family system and questioned why did he abandon his wife Yashida Ben.

Babu further reiterated that he had not taken U-turn in SCS and made it clear that he had taken a right turn because PM betrayed the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Taking a jibe at Modi’s ‘chowkidaar’ claims, Chandrababu Naidu hit out at him saying Modi is not a watchman of India, but instead, a betrayer. He cited demonetization as the best example of his senseless decision which affected crores of Indians.

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